Finding the perfect pair of activewear leggings can be quite the hassle. Even if you are exercising at home, you need a model that works just as hard as you. It should be comfortable, not dig in, and not slip off once your HIIT session starts getting sweaty. It is pretty disappointing to buy a new pair of leggings just to find out they are simply not what you wanted. Figuring out the best workout leggings brands is quite a complicated task in an industry as competitive as activewear.

Don’t worry — we are here to help. We did the research for you and came up with this list of activewear brands that will not let you down. Our picks combine innovative technologies and luxury fabrics to provide you with the ultimate comfort you deserve. Of course, we kept visuals in mind — after all, you need to remain stylish at all times.

1. Lululemon

This popular Canadian company creates a variety of activewear, but yoga is at the core of their brand. When it comes to leggings, Lululemon has something of a cult following. It uses unique performance fabrics, such as Luon and Luxtreme, to create pieces that are perfect for working out in. Not to mention their Naked Sensation line — those leggings are so soft and lightweight, it is like you are wearing nothing at all.

2. Adidas

When it comes to the best workout leggings brands, Adidas definitely stands out. It is one of the leading sportswear manufacturers in general and offers items of exceptional quality and style. Since getting acclaimed designer Stella Nina McCartney on board, Adidas has been producing exceptional activewear for all types of sports. Adidas leggings combine sexy, feminine designs with innovative fabrics and technology that makes the brand a preferred choice for many.


When it comes to creativity, flair, and making a statement, MSGM is second to none. The brand distinguishes itself from other activewear manufacturers with bright colors, unorthodox patterns, and unique designs. To top it off, MSGM leggings are produced from high-quality polyamide and spandex, with comfy high-waists and elastic waistbands.

4. Beyond Yoga

As the name suggests, this is a brand inspired by the ideas of yoga, such as kindness, self-appreciation, and respect towards nature. Beyond Yoga makes soft, high-performance leggings that go up to 3XL in size! Most of their models come with a high waist and a quality waistband that ensures optimal comfort and prevents fabric rolls.

5. Commando

While sport performance is important when assessing the best workout leggings brands, you cannot ignore their purely visual features. When it comes to those, Commando stands unchallenged. Their leggings look incredible and are of the highest quality in the industry. On top of that, you have their unique internal waistband that ensures a perfect fit. The exceptional visual variety guarantees you will find a pair just for your taste.

Make Your Next Purchase Count

If you are looking to invest in a new pair of leggings, you cannot go wrong with the companies on our list. The best workout leggings brands provide not only optimal comfort and performance, but quality of fabric and sheer style as well. If you buy a pair of leggings from the companies mentioned here, a lot of time will pass before you have to buy a new one.