We can all agree that stickers have become a trendy collectible, especially in the last couple of years. These durable, small, and inexpensive gifts are beloved by hikers, skateboarders, artists, and practically anyone in between. That’s because they’re a fun way to express yourself and make the world a more colorful place! 

However, while you can place stickers virtually anywhere, some items and locations are more suitable than others. After all, why display them on a surface that nobody will ever see? Additionally, stickers can’t be placed on all surfaces and can even damage some of them. 

But fret not, we’re here to give you a few tips and ideas on where to put your favorite stickers! That way, you’ll make sure that everybody catches a glimpse of your colorful and attractive accessory.


Let’s be honest — your car is by far the best place to display your stickers! What makes this option so amazing is that you have an endless number of locations where you can stick them. From your car’s board to its exterior body, there are many fun and exciting places for your sticker, depending on its size and artwork. Some people even display them on their side windows, so it lines up with their heads when driving, attracting some curious stares. And, if you don’t have a car, you can do the same with other vehicles like mopeds and scooters.


Putting stickers on laptops is a popular trend, particularly among teenagers and young adults, and it’s easy to see why. For younger generations, laptops are like an extension of themselves that they carry around almost everywhere. As a result, this device provides many display opportunities for slick stickers. 

Additionally, laptops offer ample space ideal for housing multiple stickers. In other words, it acts like a canvas that can be easily customized with a couple of well-placed decals. Therefore, you can use laptop stickers to showcase your personality. And remember that you can do this for other electronic devices too, including phones and tablets. 

Musical Instruments

It goes without saying that music plays an important role in our lives. In fact, most people own an instrument, be it a guitar or piano. But have you ever considered sprucing them up with a couple of vibrant stickers? Since they’re available in dozens of unique shapes, designs, and sizes, you can easily find a decal that matches your personality and enhances the appearance of your instrument. 

Water Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are perfect for staying hydrated on the go. Yet, they are also great homes for stickers! From showing your support to local non-profit organizations to boasting about your favorite band, water bottle stickers can help highlight your interests and hobbies. And the best thing about decals is that you can mix and match them constantly, depending on your mood. 


Your home’s windows are another place where you may want to display your stickers. Actually, a few well-placed stickers can add a new (fun) dimension to your home. And, since they can draw the attention of passersby, you can use stickers to entice people to check out your property, which can be incredibly useful if you own a store. However, when placing window decals, make sure to place them on the inside of the window. That’s because, even though some stickers are weatherproof, you can still damage them when cleaning the exterior of your windows. 


Generally speaking, the fridge is the centerpiece of your kitchen and is always on display. Thus, you have to do your best to decorate it. Sure, magnets are a reliable and efficient way to enhance your fridge’s appearance. However, stickers are often more versatile, especially since some websites allow you to create your own with a custom design. So, next time you feel like your fridge seems a little bare, consider placing some decals on it. 

Gardens and Yards

Improving the look and feel of your outdoor space is important. Fortunately, there are a lot of methods you can use to add some color and vibrancy to your garden and yard! Our favorite includes placing some stickers on objects throughout your home’s exterior, such as on flower pots, benches, and storehouses. Don’t worry, most decals are waterproof, so you can safely expose them to the elements.


Skaters are famous for their creative usage of stickers. They often place decals on the top or bottom of their board, and some even attempt to add decals to the wheels. The goal is to add a bit of personality to their skateboards and impress their peers. Plus, skateboards that are covered with decals will always look cooler than plain ones. And, if you’ve already run out of space for stickers, you can always consider putting them on your helmet! 


Whether they’re at home, at work, or in the classroom, whiteboards are incredibly useful tools for people from all walks of life. However, they are also quite dull, which is why you should try making them more interesting. You’re in luck because stickers can do wonders when it comes to improving your whiteboard’s appearance. Just make sure to choose the right size and shape when buying stickers to avoid wasting too much space that could be written on.


Last but not least, the bathroom is usually the most overlooked and underappreciated room in a person’s home. But it’s time to change that by using stickers!

Keep in mind that there are a lot of elements to consider in order to enhance the visual aesthetic of your bathroom. You can either place the decals on cabinets and tiles or add them to the mirror. No matter which way you want to tackle this decoration challenge, stickers can help turn your bathroom into an amazing and creative space.

In Summary

When it comes to stickers; the sky’s the limit! With hundreds of unique designs and shapes, decals are versatile accessories that can truly change the appearance of an object. So, ensure that your water bottle, helmet, laptop, notebook, or any other item stands out by decorating them with a couple of custom stickers!