Last year was tough in more ways than one. The pandemic forced us inside both our homes and our minds, and life became something out of a creepy dystopian movie. But we made it out, and although things aren’t fully back to normal yet, we can still find ways to make ourselves feel better.


2021 is all about healing, the celebration of uniqueness, and fresh new ideas, and interior design is the perfect outlet for all of that. Here are the best 2021 design and color trends that will brighten up your life and make it trendier than ever before.

Vintage Has Never Been More Popular

We all love the comfort of our modern homes. However, injecting a bit of character and rustic beauty into your living space can be the perfect way to spice things up in the new year. 


If your home already has an old-school feel to it, with original floorboards, exposed beams, or paneled walls, it is the perfect choice for this kind of look. However, even the most modern of spaces can be freshened up with some retro details. Furniture pieces or flooring made out of reclaimed wood could be the perfect choice for recreating a vintage look. 


The great thing about looking for reclaimed wood furniture is the fact that it is quite affordable. You can even buy used or antique furniture. Pieces like that have character and offer comfort, and that’s what this trend is all about. 

Soft Yellows and Greys 

Yellow and grey are the biggest trends of the season. You can paint your walls in one of these colors, but a combo of them might be even better. Yellow will bring joy and breathe new life into your space, while grey can help subdue it and make everything a bit more classy. 


If you don’t want to paint your walls, you can simply add some yellow and grey details and decorations to your home. Pillows, curtains, picture frames, or even some posters or paintings — anything could help you breathe new life into your space.

Going Global

Travel was a luxury none of us could afford in 2020, and things aren’t looking great when it comes to traveling this year, either. However, you don’t have to visit foreign cities or stay at fancy hotels to experience international life. With a few tricks and decorations, your own home can become the best traveling destination.


Use warm tones and combine them with rattan, wooden, and woven home accessories. Additionally, put up some vivid pictures or paintings on the wall, preferably those depicting nature or animals. You’ll get a bold esthetic of global styles inspired by wildlife and faraway holiday resorts. It might not be fully the same as actually traveling, but it will help with the nostalgia. 

Ocean Hues

If there is anything we needed last year, it was ways to relax and breathe a bit easier while being stuck at home. Luckily, painting your walls in different shades of blue can do just that. Light and ocean blue, as well as turquoise, can help brighten up your rooms, but they are also easy on the eyes and help open up your space. 


However, pay attention to the shades you are choosing. Though dark blues look elegant and make everything feel more sophisticated, they aren’t relaxing. Indigo, midnight blue, or any other murky shade will bring down your mood and make you sad. So, stick to bright and softer hues, and you’ll be golden.

Snug and Warm

Making your home feel like a cozy sanctuary is important when you spend so much time in it. Choose warm colors for your walls, such as soft shades of orange or yellow, and combine them with decorations in similar colors. Beige, brown, deep shades of red and purple can also work, but in moderation. 

Add some plush pillows to your couch, buy colorful warm comforters, and hunt for some scented candles. Also, Christmas lights do not have to be reserved for the holiday season only. String them up over your window or anywhere else you like, and enjoy their comforting glow on late afternoons. 

A Touch of Greenery

Buying some plants for your room or home, in general, can help brighten up your space considerably. Green brings tranquility as it is, and the extra oxygen will help keep you awake and energized every day. 


If you don’t like plants or if they are too big of a responsibility for you, you can opt for green decorations. Posters, mugs, comforters, curtains, pillows, or plushies can all help make your home feel more earthy and relaxing. 

Luxury All the Way

Spending so much time indoors can make one wish to make their house more luxurious than ever before. After all, we do deserve to feel pampered while enjoying the comfort of our homes. 


Violets and purples are the colors of elegance and luxury, so they are the best choices in this case. Of course, subdued shades of red and blue can also work, as well as rich browns and different color combinations. 


When it comes to patterns and decorations, geometric shapes mix luxury and minimalism perfectly. Monochrome prints are also a great choice, especially for wallpapers. Keeping things simple is often the key to achieving elegance, so think of art deco and similar styles when thinking about redecorating.


Maximalism is coming back stronger than ever. Highly decorative and personal styles are a great way to make your house feel like a real home. Feel free to go all the way and make your wildest design dreams come true.

Combine many colors, add funny decorations, fluffy carpets, and a bunch of houseplants. Experiment with different fabrics, materials, and patterns and create a mix of everything you love the most. Nothing is too tacky or too much if it looks good to you. Embrace your vision, and make it come to life.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen the coolest 2021 design & color trends, it is time to put your imagination to work. Go through our suggestions, see what works for you best, and adjust it so it fits your wallet and needs perfectly. Happy designing!