Nothing leaves a more everlasting impression than beautiful, bright-colored hair. The moment you spot someone rocking a pastel pink mane or a chilling, icy blue balayage, you just know you have to up your hair game. After all, you want to give off that ‘Wow!’ vibe too.

And what better way to do so than some straight-outta-fairytales yummy cotton candy hair color ideas? I bet you never considered orange, teal, pink and yellow a look. That is to say, all of them at the same time.

Where Do I Get Such Hair?

It’s a bird! No, it’s an airplane! No, it’s a… wig? Wrong! It’s your natural hair, but dyed.

If you decide to take the ‘unconventional hair’ path, then you’re in for a ride. Most importantly, if you want a job well done, you should seek a reputable professional. Chances are your friendly neighborhood hairstylist doesn’t have a lot of experience doing mermaid hair. So, in order to avoid a very regrettable salon visit, it’s better to find a salon that specializes in coloring.

Once you’ve found a trusty salon and you’re ready to take the next step, it’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth with some yummy cotton candy hair color ideas.

1.   Bubblegum Cotton Candy

A mix of all the cotton candy colors on your hair — it is a statement and an art piece, really. The blue, pink, purple and green hues mix into a mesmerizing pastel goodness that looks great any way you style it.

2.   Rose-Flavored Cotton Candy

Faded pink undertones make blonde hair more vivid than you can imagine. In addition, darker roots add to the depth of color and make this a great choice for any skin tone.

3.   Rainbow Cotton Candy

Bright-colored under-layers combined with pastel hair at the crown make for one of the most unique styles you could imagine. Straight out of a fairytale, you can create this dreamy look by slightly revealing the rainbow hidden underneath the pastel layers.

4.   Frosty Cotton Candy

If you have a very light skin tone, this hair color will fit you like a glove on the ice queen’s hands. And, no matter how complex the lightening process to achieve this look may be, it is definitely worth it.

5.   Split Cotton Candy

Can’t decide on a single color? No problem. A split hair color lets you combine two, in order to achieve the supreme cotton candy hair. Moreover, when you do a French braid, the two colors will interlace beautifully.

6.   Cotton Candy and Sprinkles

Upgrade your blonde hair with multi-colored sprinkles melted onto your hair ends. It’s a bold choice that makes those streaks of purple, yellow, pink, red and blue stand out vividly.

7.   Mermaid’s Cotton Candy

With deep sea undertones and cool hues, this saturated mermaid hairstyle doesn’t require a whole lot of bleaching. As a result, you can keep your roots looking natural and bleach only the ends, which would then be dyed blue, purple and turquoise. 

P.S.: You could say that the sun reached your hair through the depth of the sea, giving you the gorgeous mermaid-esque highlights.

So, take your favorite yummy cotton candy hair color ideas to the next level and try out some of these hairstyles! You will be left with a sweet aftertaste, guaranteed.