Last year brought about a lot of uncertainty and fear on all fronts. The ongoing pandemic forced us back inside and made us reminisce on the way things were in the past. Such a turnaround was visible in all industries, with companies going back to basics and embracing tradition and the things that made them who they are today. The graphic design industry was no exception.

With the new year already on the way, graphic designers have slowly started going back to simpler fonts, colors, and concepts. They are doing this in hopes that tradition will evoke a sense of calm, positivity, and understanding in the chaotic world we now live in.

Read on to find out the 7 revolutionary graphic design ideas for 2021 that will bring back memories of a better world and remind us of what truly matters.

1.   Soft and Muted Colors

Although bold colors have been the most significant trend in graphic design for a few years now, that is about to change. Muted color palettes are slowly taking over, and designers all around the world are embracing this change.

Soft and muted colors don’t have a lot of saturation. As opposed to vivid colors, they don’t create massive clashes and are easy on the eye. Pastels or neutral shades also mix beautifully together, creating an image that is calming and natural. They evoke a sense of peace and lightheartedness, and that is something everyone needs during these times.

Though this color palette was used mainly by health or wellness brands so far, more and more different brands are also starting to try it out. No matter what brand you have to promote or what industry you belong to, this is an idea you most definitely need to incorporate in your design. Trust us — your customers will love it.

2.   Geometric Shapes Are In Again

In 2020, flowy and abstract shapes were everywhere. They were supposed to embrace fluidity and artistic expression and create intricate and exciting patterns. However, this year, we go back to basics.

Geometry is making a big comeback in 2021, at least as far as graphic design is concerned. The rigid and logical shapes evoke stability and order, and they make an ad or logo seem organized and precise. You can use old-school shapes like circles and rectangles or experiment a little with heptagons or rhombuses.

If you still want to tone the rigidness down a little, using soft color palettes, as we suggested in the preceding sections, might be a great idea. The softness of the colors and the shapes’ preciseness will create an excellent balance, and your design will be a perfect mix of the two.

3.   Simple Data Visualization

In a world where a myriad of information is constantly being presented to us, designers need to find a way to make it all less overwhelming. That is why organizing the data in a simple and memorable way is an important idea this year.

Whatever you are doing, try to present your data as concisely as possible. For one, it will make your delivery more effective. But it will also improve the way any readers or customers retain this new information. That will, by extension, improve communication on all levels.

Try not to have too much text on your designs, use effective words, and emphasize the essential parts. That will ensure your message is understood correctly.

4.   Creative Flat Illustrations

The saying that an image is worth a thousand words has never ring more true than it does today. Instead of wasting space and resources on writing something, you can try coming up with different illustrations you can include in your designs this year. Whether you are designing a website, social media graphics, or anything else, a good image can make all the difference.

Illustrations or pictures also make your design more interesting and colorful. A more attractive design will, by extension, draw readers or potential customers in. That is, ultimately, the goal of marketing in the first place. These illustrations might also convey what you want to say more effectively than words.

5.   Classic Fonts

Going back to basics is also reflected in the fonts this year’s designs mostly use. Gone are the elaborate cursives and the glaring, intricate fonts of last year. This year, you should use traditional serif fonts in all your work because people see them as elegant, classic, and nostalgic.

This idea is particularly suitable for those working in finance marketing or the medical industry. These fonts will evoke a feeling of trustworthiness and tranquility in readers. That will, in turn, make them confident about the services or data they are reading about.

6.   Slide Decks Are the New Normal

If you are on Instagram or LinkedIn, you have probably noticed that slide decks have become a popular way of sharing info and ideas. These decks present longer info in a series of slides, rather than in a single one. That allows you to organize posts well and not have slides that are overflowing with text.

What’s even better, these types of ads and posts are also great marketing-wise. It seems that Instagram and LinkedIn actually favor slide decks over ordinary posts, so their benefit is twofold.

7.   New Video Ideas

As we all know, going out and shooting elaborate ads and videos hasn’t been a safe thing to do lately. However, this has given graphic designers a shot at being creative and still making great videos using their specific skills.

You can use all the ideas we gave above and combine soft colors and punchy and effective messages with creative illustrations. If you let your imagination roam free, you might even create something much better than what a pre-pandemic marketing world would allow.

To Conclude

As you have read, the trends in graphic design have changed drastically this year. Making changes is rather logical, as we live in an uncertain world that is constantly in flux. Hopefully, our ideas help you stay up to date and create content that will be timeless, regardless of when it was made.