T-shirts are the color black of clothes. They’re one of the most versatile garments in existence; you can incorporate them into any style. A simple white tee can look amazing when combined with a pair of casual leggings and converse sneakers, or some doc martens and ripped jeans. 

But the true beauty of this clothing piece is the fact you can customize it however you like! T-shirts are a blank canvas that can take on any design. Whether it’s a brand logo, your favorite sports team, band, or some abstract art, with the right modification, you can transform your tee into a timeless garment that will never go out of style. 

So, if you’re hooked on the idea of designing your own T-shirt, start taking notes. With our complete guide on the best T-shirt design ideas, you will get a style upgrade that matches your personality to a tee!

How to Pick a T-shirt Design

Choosing what to add to your tee is simple, right? You just go with a design you like best. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Every experienced graphic designer will tell you that picking a design for your tee is a complicated, multifaceted process. 

Beyond aesthetics, it involves choosing the T-shirt fabric, the right printing method, and a reputable artist to create the appropriate artwork. 

Picking the Fabric

The right fabric is the backbone of a good T-shirt design for several reasons. First, it plays a key role in how the artwork will look. A fabric like cotton is the best for T-shirt printing because it absorbs all types of printer ink flawlessly. Moreover, it’s hypoallergenic, meaning it works well if you have sensitive skin. 

However, if durability is your primary concern, polyester is the better choice. It’s much tougher than cotton, so any design you add to it is more likely to stay intact longer. 

The Print Method Matters

A big mistake people make when designing tees is neglecting the printing method. The printing technique is vital to the designing process because it directly impacts the quality of the artwork. 

For example, screen printing is the best for simple, durable imprints that won’t fade after multiple washes. However, if your goal is a highly complex T-shirt design with multiple colors, the dye sublimation is a better fit.

Choosing the Right Designer

Thanks to the internet, it seems like everyone is running their own Instagram page where they do graphic designs for commission. Though amateur artists can be fantastic, a lot of them are not on par with trained professionals. An amateur designer can make artwork that looks incredible in digital form but completely falls apart when printed on a tee. 

In contrast, a trained professional doesn’t just consider aesthetics when making artwork. They also consider the scale, the color scheme, the purpose of the artwork, and how the design will conform to different body types. Consequently, if you want a good-quality graphic design, you should hire a professional. 

ArtistShot has an entire team of skilled graphic designers with years of experience creating amazing artwork. They’ve already crafted a plethora of incredible graphic design pieces you can choose to add to your tee. However, if the premade designs aren’t your style, don’t sweat it. You also have the option of working with the designers to create your very own custom piece. 

Whichever option you go with, you’ll definitely get a tee that will last you a lifetime!

T-shirt Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

As mentioned, T-shirts are a universal clothing item you can customize to your liking. However, trends come and go, and not every design can withstand the test of time. So, if you want your tee to last through the next style shift, consider adding some classic designs to it. 

Branded T-shirts

As corny as it is to wear a promotional T-shirt, it’s undeniable that some brand logos just look good on a tee. Nike, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, and Gucci have logos that are so iconic that they’ve transcended the realm of advertising. Nowadays, they’re a fashion statement people proudly add to their tees, even if they don’t necessarily support the companies. 

So, if you want a simple but classic design, you can’t go wrong with a brand logo. 

Band Tees 

Band tees are a vital part of every rock fan’s wardrobe. For music lovers, a T-shirt with their favorite band logo is how they show they support their favorite artists. It’s also how they showcase their musical tastes to the world and connect with other fans. 

Whether you’re a fan of rock legends like the Beatles, Queen, the Rolling Stones, or bands that have long since fallen off the scene, a good band tee is a timeless classic.

Inspiring Quotes or Song Lyrics 

Nothing can touch your heart like the written word. It can lift your mood, inspire you, and give you a completely new perspective on life. Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many people decide to print their favorite quotes or song lyrics on a tee. While a few sentences may not be the most extravagant T-shirt design, they carry a message that’s meaningful to the wearer. Thus, they can never go out of style. 

Besides, you can always upgrade their visual appeal by playing around with the font. Write out the quote in fancy cursive or bold 3D letters. Alternatively, you can design the letters into a crazy shape or add an animal or any other symbol to go with the beautiful words!

Vintage Designs

If you’re really into fashion, you know that trends always make a comeback. Therefore, vintage designs will always be in season, no matter how much time passes. And the best part is that you can make anything you want vintage!

Your favorite food, fashion brand logo, that TV series you loved as a kid, all you have to do is apply the right color scheme, and voila! You get a timeless T-shirt design idea with a hefty dose of nostalgia!

Minimalist Designs

When it comes to style, less is always more. That’s why minimalist T-shirt designs have been a favorite throughout every fashion era. They pair great with casual, everyday outfits. However, they can also complement a business getup or some elegant attire you plan on rocking to your next date. Whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a minimalist T-shirt design.

Key Takeaways on The Best T-shirt Design Ideas

Fashion trends always change, but T-shirts are forever. This article of clothing is an indispensable part of everyone’s wardrobe, regardless of personal style.

Plus, if you add the right design to it, you can create a garment that can transcend the ravages of time. Tees with logos, vintage designs, your favorite band or song lyric, or a piece of minimalist artwork, there is no shortage of T-shirt design ideas to immortalize your favorite clothing item.