5 Elliptical Benefits — Why Choose This Exercise Machine


When it comes to workout machines, it does not get much better than the elliptical. Sure, treadmills and stationary bikes are quite popular, but the various elliptical benefits are not to be underestimated. It is no wonder that people usually line up to use them at the gym! In addition, ellipticals are probably the best workout equipment to have at home due to how silent they tend to be.


But what exactly makes an elliptical such an effective workout machine? Let’s take a look at five of the biggest elliptical benefits.

1. Ellipticals Provide a Full-Body Workout

Treadmills and stationary bikes only let you work out your lower body. Ellipticals, however, engage your upper body as well. The handle levers you push and pull in unison with your leg movements allow you to work on your biceps, triceps, and deltoids. Combine that with the workout your legs are getting, and you’ve got an incredible full-body workout.


The key to maximizing the effect of your elliptical on your upper body is to make sure your weight is spread out evenly across the machine. You ought to work your arms just as fast as you work your legs!

2. They Burn Calories Like Crazy

One of the best elliptical benefits is the fact that by using them, you can burn a lot of calories. Depending on your current weight and the intensity of the workout, you can burn anywhere from 150 to 400 calories in about 30 minutes!

3. They’re Great for Your Cardiovascular System

Exercising on an elliptical will increase your heart rate, thus making your heart muscles stronger. Furthermore, an intensive workout will cause your heart and lungs to work extra hard to supply your muscles with oxygen. If you are consistent with your workout sessions, your overall stamina will soon be greatly improved.

4. They Improve Your Mobility and Balance

When using an elliptical, you are simultaneously moving all your limbs while sitting on a relatively high platform. Such exercise improves the connection between your limbs and brain, thus conditioning your body for better mobility and balance.


If you want to really engage your core and further improve your balance, try letting go of the handles and standing straight up while exercising with your legs.

5. Ellipticals Go Easy on Your Joints

If you have problems with your knees, hips, ankles, or other joints, an elliptical is the perfect exercise machine for you. It allows for a low-impact workout since your feet never leave the footpads. That way, your joints are not put under pressure and do not experience the wear and tear that comes with running and other types of cardio.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up — ellipticals can provide you with a full-body workout and help you burn a lot of calories rather fast. They also give your heart and lungs a fair amount of exercise, thus improving your cardiovascular system. Finally, they are perfect for enhancing your mobility and balance without putting any strain on your joints.

As you can see from our list of the top five elliptical benefits, these machines offer quite a lot. If you are wondering what to use at the gym or are planning to get a home workout machine, an elliptical is a highly recommended choice.