Skinny jeans are one of those fashion trends that seem to defy time. Although skinnies started riding their most recent popularity wave in the early 2000s, they continue being a wardrobe staple. Best of all, this style of jeans is now available in all sizes and colors. Unfortunately, figuring out what shoes to wear with skinny jeans can be quite challenging.

Skinnies are so versatile that you can easily pair them with almost any type of footwear. However, the keyword here is “almost.” Some shoes can compromise your stylish appearance. For example, picking footwear that is too pointy or too bulky may give you “clown feet.”

To save you from cringe-worthy fashion blunders, we will now list the five best shoes to wear with skinny jeans:

1.  Knee-Length Boots

While there are many different types of boots that go well with skinnies, knee-high boots are always the best pick. Like skinny jeans, this kind of footwear is incredibly versatile. Therefore, you can rock that look at both super casual as well as dressier occasions. Furthermore, if you opt for high-heel knee-length boots, you will achieve a more polished appearance.

Also, try wearing jeans and boots in matching colors. That will make your legs seem longer.

2.  Stilettos

If you are after a smart casual look, go with stilettos. Still, choose a pair that is more minimalistic as that will lay more emphasis on your silhouette.

Despite the versatility offered by skinnies, no type of denim pants is suitable for formal occasions. Nevertheless, if you want to take these jeans to their maximum dressiness level, pair them with strappy stiletto heels.

3.  Sneakers

These sports shoes are the most comfortable option you will find on our list. Therefore, they are ideal for a casual day out. Even if you have tons of errands to run, a nice pair of sneaks will be kind to your feet.

When picking sneakers for your skinny jeans, always use the five S’s rule — Stick to Simple, Streamlined, and Sleek Sneaks. Think of something along the lines of classic sports shoes. While “ugly” sneakers are quite trendy now, they will make your feet appear chunky.

4.  Loafers

If you want to be comfortable but not overly casual, put on a pair of loafers. These shoes are known for their classic style. Still, they will allow you to express your creativity if you go with a more extravagant design. For example, statement loafers can easily spice up even the most plain-looking outfit.

What’s more, just like sneakers, loafers can be worn throughout the day since they are very comfy.

5.  Ballet Flats

If we think about some of the world’s most famous fashion icons, we’ll find one common denominator. Everyone from Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy to Lady Diana loved ballet flats. Luckily, skinny jeans and these elegant shoes are a match made in heaven.

Ballerinas can be combined with all types and styles of skinnies, including the trendy cropped jeans. Ballet flats are a synonym for timeless casual chic, especially when they come in nude or black.