Nothing puts us in a jolly and celebratory mood like decorating the Christmas tree, listening to some holiday music, and enjoying the warmth of our homes as we hide from the harsh winter cold. But there is something that could make the atmosphere even more festive: winter nail designs!

Whether you want to keep things simple and just choose a nail polish with a festive color (deep red, winter white, first green, etc), or you want to amp things up with holiday symbols and illustrations, there are tons of inspiring and cute ideas to choose from.

We compiled a list of the best and most fun winter nail designs to help you celebrate the season. Read on and let your imagination run wild!

The Best Winter Nail Designs

1.   Santa’s Suit Nails

If you love the deep red of Santa’s traditional suit, this design will be your favorite. Use white nail polish to add some ruffles to the tips of your nails, and the look will be complete. If you don’t have steady hands, nail wrap can help you get the lines as straight and precise as you want.

2.   A Christmas Mix

Do you want several festive symbols on your nails but can’t decide which one to pick? Pick them all! With this design, you can draw little Christmas trees, stars, or any ornament you want on your nails to make sure they are extra jolly. Add glitter if you want some extra sparkle, and you’re all set! Remember to put on a coat of colorless nail polish for protection when you’re done.

3.   Holiday Plaid

The Holiday Plaid design combines holiday colors with glitter. The famous red and green Tartan plaid design goes onto every fingernail except for your ring finger. To add a touch of sophistication, add golden or silver glitter to your ring fingernail. If you can’t draw straight lines – don’t despair. Nail stickers are a lifesaver when it comes to nail design, and they will help you make your lines and contours perfect.

4.   Sparkly French Tips

If you are a fan of french tips but still want to make this simple yet elegant design more festive, look no further. Instead of the usual white color reserved for the tips of your nails, this design offers you golden or silver sparkly tips! If you want to add some extra Christmasy, drawing little ivy or mistletoe branches in the corners can be a perfect addition as well.

5.   Holiday Nature

Are you into nature and simplistic designs? If so, this natural design will wow you. It combines simple Christmas greenery with a soft base color to accentuate the mistletoe branches even further. We like the combination of green and blush pink the most, but you can improvise and find your favorite as well.

6.   Christmas Lights

If you can’t take your eyes off of the colorful Christmas lights on your tree, having nails with little Christmas lights on will be a dream come true. Draw little lights on your nails over a creamy base, then pick the colors you like best and fill them in. Lastly, tie the lights together with some thin strips of black nail polish.

7.   Red Glitter

Sometimes, you might want to keep things simple and add just a subtle hint of holiday spirit. If that is the case, the red glitter design is a great choice. The deep color goes perfectly with the season, and little strips of red glitter complete this easy but elegant design.

8.   Green and Red

Combining two colors can often result in a chic and stylish nail design. If these colors are also holiday-themed, you will have a perfect holiday look. This particular design combines deep red and forest green, and the result is both sophisticated and cheerful.

9.   Pines and Snowflakes

Winter nail designs that combine nature and soft colors are our favorites. This particular design has combos of white snowflakes over a soft gray base and pine trees over creamy white. It is the perfect wintery design that will make you fall in love with the season all over again.

10. Holiday Rainbow

If you want each nail to be colored differently, this elegant and festive design is the perfect choice. The color combinations are bright white, deep red, sparkly gold, and forest green. However, you can get creative and add in any other color you like as well.

11. Plaid Wonderland

Plaid skirts, dresses, and shirts are popular and cozy winter garments. So, it isn’t a surprise that many people love plaid nail designs as well. This cute design is subdued and simple but still festive and wintery enough to bring you joy. Classic red and black plaid is always a good choice.

12. Candy Cane

If you love holiday candy, this is the perfect choice for you. Colorful candy canes bring light and life to the creamy white base, making the design as sweet and cheery as it can get. You can add candy canes to each nail, or just one or two — the choice is yours.

13. White and Gold

Nothing evokes the holiday spirit like golden glitter. This design combines a simplistic white base with glittery stripes and sparkly snowflakes, making your nails a perfect combination of cheer and elegance.

14. Reindeer

The winter holidays aren’t complete without Santa’s furry helpers. The reindeer in this design are simple but cute, and the icy white contrasts beautifully with the festive red. Adding some snowflakes only completes the winter wonderland!

15. Dark Christmas

If you are into darker colors and aesthetics but you still want your nails to be cheery, the Dark Christmas design is the one for you. It combines dark greens and black with subtle golden decorations. You can add some creamy white nail polish as a base to one or two nails as well, but that is optional. The elegance and simplicity of this design is its main appeal anyway.

More Winter Nail Designs

As you have read, winter and the holidays are a great source of inspiration for nail art every year. But, if none of our winter nail designs caught your eye, don’t fret. Get creative and happy holidays!