If we had a dime for every time we said “I have nothing to wear,” as we desperately stared at the heaping mass of our clothes, we’d be rich. And we’ve all been there on rushed mornings, when each piece of clothing we grab simply doesn’t feel right. 

However, there seems to be one contender that’s a classic yet routinely forgotten about — the white tee! It’s been around forever, it’s easy to match with other clothing items, it’s discrete, and it adds to being fashionable. Thanks to its versatility, we’ll easily explore the classic white tee style. Let’s dive into some great fashion tips for women and men.

5 White Tee Style Ideas for Women

1. Pure Classic 

Just like the little black dress will never go out of style, you can’t go wrong with combining a white tee with a pair of jeans. While a total classic, the combination itself might seem a bit plain, so a pair of earrings, like golden hoops, a cool necklace, or a bracelet can jazz it up. Depending on the weather and your taste, adding a bomber or corduroy jacket on top is also a good idea.  

2. Knot Is a Yes 

While knotting tees is a throwback to another fashion era, it seems to be coming back, and we’re welcoming it. Pairing a light, floral skirt with a knotted white tee will make you look both casual and stylish. Throw a pair of flats into the mix, and you’re good to leave the house. 

3. Mini Dress, Maxi Style 

Sleeveless dresses are amazing, but because of the weather or the occasion, they might be inappropriate. Fortunately, the white tee is here to save the day. With the dress over the tee, a simple but modern necklace, and a pair of shoes that match the dress, you’ll be ready to conquer the day. 

4. It Suits You Well 

The fashion police might say that you can’t combine a suit with anything but a formal shirt. We disagree. A white tee combined with a business skirt and a jacket or blazer will make you look just as professional as you would in the traditional combo. The tee goes well with everything, so just find a matching pair of shoes, and you can head to that corporate meeting. 

5. V-neck and Skinny Ripped Jeans  

These two are a match made in heaven, although reserved for casual occasions. Not —only is it a very comfy combination of clothes, but it is also way more stylish than it may seem. If the V-neck white tee is oversized, it won’t do your body justice, so take care that it’s well-fitting. As for footwear, you’re good with anything from cowboy boots to plain sneakers of any color. 

5 White Tee Style Ideas for Men  

1. Go Vest 

The secret of white tees is choosing good company for them, and you won’t go wrong if you add a vest on top. It can be denim, leather, or even a vest you’d wear with a suit. The beauty of this look is in its simplicity, and it is awesome for rushed mornings, as it requires minimal effort. Of course, make sure you find some appropriate footwear, for instance, skater shoes. In case you like accessorizing, consider a bandana around your neck. 

2. High-Waist Trousers Are Your Friend 

Pretty much like the beloved white tee, high-waist trousers also seem to look good on everyone. Their secret is they make your legs look longer, thus making your entire figure appear more slender. The white tee will nicely complement trousers of any given color, and if the occasion calls for a jacket, add it on top. As for the choice of shoes, both sneakers and business shoes can be your go-to, depending on where you’re headed.  

3. Oversized, But Classy 

Not everything that’s a few sizes larger than your body looks messy. This doesn’t mean you should wear XXL clothes if your size is M. Having said that, pairing baggy trousers with an oversized white tee will make you look fresh, clean, and casual. Many baggy jeans can be rolled up, which is something you can play with to create a more versatile look. Match this with bulky shoes, or stylish sandals in summer.   

4. Casual Meets Formal 

Fashion isn’t only walking on the runway wearing designer clothes. Fashion is also freedom, and while combining a white tee with a suit would have been frowned upon just ten years ago, now it’s a fashion “yes”. If you want your waist to appear thinner, choose a double-breasted suit with a white tee underneath, and the result will be both formal and casual, but fashionable nevertheless. Accessorize with a wristwatch and a pair of sneakers to complement the casual look. 

5. Nothing Is Just Black and White. Or Is It? 

Remember John Travolta in “Grease”? He wore a black leather jacket with a white tee underneath and black denim pants. The movie is from 1978, and this combo still looks jaw-dropping forty years later. A white tee paired with John Travolta will never go out of style. No, wait, that doesn’t sound right. A white tee paired with a black jacket and pants, that’s it! Although the match is very simple, it will still make you look dashing just like everything that’s been around for so long. 

To Wrap It Up 

Despite the fact that we are surrounded by beautiful yet simple things, we opt for complicating them way too often. Something as simple as a white tee, regardless of its style (a V-neck, a crew-neck, sleeveless, long or short-sleeved, etc.) can really make all the difference. White tees thrive in almost every environment, from casual to formal, so make sure to take advantage of that. Also, they’re for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or walk of life, and most often, they’re affordable. With a touch of imagination and minimal effort, you can create your own classic white tee style!