We can all agree that the year 2020 hasn’t been too kind to us. Who would have thought that wearing masks all the time and social distancing would become the new “normal”? What’s more, who can remember the last time they went to a concert or any kind of social event?

But, as the months fly by in a blur, there’s one thing we can all count on ― Christmas! The one holiday that brings us all together and never fails to put a smile on our faces!

If you’re as thrilled about the Holidays as we are, then you’re probably looking for some unique Christmas card ideas. Well, we’re here to help you out!

Without further ado, here are some amazing Christmas card ideas for 2021 to help you get in the holiday spirit!

1. Elspeth Thomson Grey Fluffy Penguin Couple

Handmade cards have something truly special about them. Just knowing that someone took the time and effort to create something with their own two hands makes you appreciate their products more. That’s why the first recommendation on our list is this cute Grey Fluffy Penguin Couple Christmas card.

It’s perfect to give to that special someone in your life. The card itself is made from a white textured board, while the design is embroidered by hand onto soft marl felt and placed onto a stitched felt heart.

2. Cardsdirect Holiday Starlight Toast Christmas Card

You have to admit that finding a Christmas card to send to your co-workers or boss can be quite the hassle. Obviously, you have to keep things professional, so you can’t make a quick trip to Walmart and pick up a cute Rudolf Christmas card (even though we all love that cute ol’ reindeer). Well, luckily companies such as Cardsdirect have got you covered!

Featuring a stunning combination of midnight blue and gold, this Holiday Starlight Toast card is the perfect thing to send to your colleagues this Christmas!

3. Minted Shari Margolin Photo Tree Christmas Card

For those of you sending out Christmas cards to distant relatives or family members you don’t get to see that often, we’ve got something you’ll love! This Photo Tree Christmas card gives you the option of including several family photos on the cover as well as on the inside.

Not only that, but you can even choose which shape you want to set the photos in. And guess what? They even have a Christmas tree shape you’re bound to love!

4. Mixbook Photo.co It’s Christmas by Allison Kreft Card

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the elderly members of our family love getting Christmas cards with pictures of their grandchildren featured on the cover. But what if we told you that you can order a whole booklet and fill it with your favorite photos?!

In fact, this It’s Christmas booklet is completely customizable. You can basically add as many photos as you want, add text, choose a layout according to your preference, add stickers, and enhance the background to your liking.

Furthermore, you can even choose whether you’d like the card to have a soft, hard, or leather cover!

5. Cardsdirect Opening Door Christmas Card

Who doesn’t love a uniquely designed card? This Opening Door Christmas card is great to send out to your neighbors and co-workers, as it truly has a sophisticated look to it. The card itself is tri-fold and is crafted with a semi-gloss exterior, medium-weight papers, and a gorgeous matte interior.

You’ll love the beautifully detailed red wreaths, as well as the expertly crafted gold details featured on the door. Might we add that the size of this card allows you to include a personal message or photo on the inside? Perfect for the holiday season!

6. Leanin’ Tree Boxed Christmas Assortment Fireside Pups

Once upon a time, our grandparents (and possibly parents) used to buy boxes of themed Christmas cards. Well, vintage is back and so are boxed Christmas cards! This adorable set of Fireside Pups cards are perfect to send out to your friends and family.

Moreover, there’s nothing better than taking a trip down memory lane so don’t forget to send some out to your grandparents. These vintage boxed cards are bound to melt their hearts!

7. Minted Snowflake by Nicole Barreto Christmas Card

Unique Christmas cards are always on demand. But, what if you could combine both unique and practical? This Snowflake Christmas card doubles as both an ornament and (obviously) a card! You can send it to family members, neighbors, friends, and all you have to do is incorporate an adequate picture depending on who the recipient is.

This card is bound to look stunning on every Christmas tree, and it’s impossible to go unnoticed!

8. Farmhouse Wreath Rustic Photo Collage Christmas Postcard

A postcard for Christmas? Why not! This Photo Collage Christmas Postcard is simple yet effective, allowing you to add a photo collage on the front, and a personalized message on the back.

What’s more, if you’re planning on sending out a lot of Christmas cards this year, this is a great, cost-effective solution!

9. Leanin’ Tree Meowy Christmas Card

We all have that one crazy cat lady (or gentleman) in our lives, so make sure to get them this adorable Meowy Christmas card! Cute, vintage, and full of cats ― there’s no way you can go wrong!

10. Paperless Post Trimmed Wreath Christmas Card

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. If you’re looking for a trendy yet thoughtful card to send to your neighbors, this Trimmed Wreath Christmas card is just the thing. You can also customize the back if you want to add some personalized wishes.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that no matter which Christmas cards you choose, make sure to add a personalized note inside. That way, you’ll show the person receiving it that you’re thinking of them, and not only sending out a card out of obligation.

Overall, after reading our suggestions, we hope we’ve managed to bring a bit of holiday cheer into your heart, and get you ready for Christmas!