baby king Adjustable Strap Totes

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  • 16x16
  • 18x18


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The art is printed on the front and back

Adjustable strap tote bags are fashionable as well as functional. They can be used as shopping bags, gym bags, work bags, beach bags, overnight bags, school bags, knitting bags... pretty much anything you can think of. Made from spun poly material, with black nonwoven laminate inside, and black cotton web handles. Dry or spot clean only. They are packaged in a grey poly bag.

  • Adjustable strap to help find the perfect fit
  • Spun poly material
  • Black nonwoven laminate inside
  • Black cotton web handles.
  • Care of Dry or spot clean only.

Size Chart

Custom Adjustable Strap Tote | Artistshot

Adjustable Strap Totes size:

  • A: 16x16" (inches)
  • B: 18x18" (inches)

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